Saturday, May 20, 2006

two unique personalities

Based from the choice of cards they gave me for mother's day, we gain insight into 2 personalities, which are very much like them too in real life.

Ray's card is serious and formal, in contrast to Viv's card which is less serious and quite humorous.
Viv's card: Text- mother's day, you've got the job of being my mum, the best job there could be! the pay is lousy, but who cares, when you've got perks like me!

Ray's card: Text- Mum- a mum is someone special, she is understanding, love and security. She's someone you can count on to be there always, encouraging dreams, giving help and support and brightening life with her thoughtfulness, her humour, and her caring. A mum is someone special, she's dear to her family for all the wonderful things she does and loved by her family for the wonderful person she is.

Here's Ray's poem:

you are my mother
you have always been there
i couldn't imagine any other
i know you care

you always put up with me
you are very understanding
all these(sic) i can see
you are surely outstanding

time just flies by
my future lies ahead
if i'm ever asking why...?
i'll remember what you said

allow me to say this:
no one else could be as true
if i'm ever miserable and want happiness...
i shall think of you

I am a lucky mum indeed....the Lord had been good!