Friday, June 23, 2006

Australia- the FIFA WORLD CUP it's SO POSSIBLE!

My housemates(David and Ray) woke up before 5AM in this cold Brisbane morning to watch the match between Croatia and Australia. This is an important match as it will decide who's going to move on. There is also a big Croatian community down in Melbourne and a lot of them had met at Federation Square to watch it together. The police watch over there was vigilant due to ethnic fights that may occur as the game heats up.

It was a good match. Croatia goaled first. Then Australia. David had to go to work by 6:30 and have resigned that Croatia may win. It was in fact a draw till the 2nd half. Before I had my shower, I walked into the lounge and saw Croatia goal another. So I did my thing then came back for the last 15 minutes.
And Australia kicked another goal -it was 2-2. Why do Australians always shine at the very last? Ray and I had the pleasure of watching Australia qualify for the next round!

At this time, the crowd at Federation Square was flashed on TV and the Croatians and the Australians were both cheering for AUSTRALIA! It was a great scene, being one and united. Even the policemen were jubilant.

Great being an Australian. I am also a pinoy at heart
The next match will be on Monday- Australia vs Italy.

I think that I have the football fever. Of all the footballs (there's a lot of modifications e.g. american football, rugby, afl, and so on), I like soccer the best and I simply admire the foot skills of the players.

I am late for work but my heart is bursting with pride. mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ko.

images by vfa 23jun06