Sunday, July 02, 2006

Two events on the 30th of June 2006

One was an end of the year financial lunch which is the tradition at work. It was held at the Elephants and Wheelbarrow in Fortitude Valley (Chinatown). It's one of those old British Pub and it really lived up to its name as Old... It's very dark inside and memorabilias of the typical Irish Pub which they have here. Being of more contemporary taste and belief, I would have preferred Sofitel/Hilton function rooms as I am not into creepy oldish antique-style dark (as in i can't even see my food). I believe that it's really up to the ones who are organising the function- wait till it's my turn. I am the only Pinoy there too... The nice part though was the trivia where brains were made to think hard...The food was so so.

The other was our friend, Jim's 36th + some years birthday at Seabrae. This is a better restaurant that served better food. The main meal already includes a buffet style salad, vegetables, gravy and pudding (sweet desserts). It was good value for money. Rebecca, Jim's better half was there too and will be featured in the next post as her pictures are not downloading here.