Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Hubby, DAVID!

3 August 2006 is the 52nd birthday of my beloved other half, David.

For the past 13 years, we have celebrated it together without fail, sometimes with a party, sometimes just a dinner, another time we watched a movie, one occasion we were in the Philippines (I will not forget this as it was the time of the foot and mouth issue in Baguio and his favourite food was steak!. No one took responsibility to cook- so we bought him a nice steak at Sizzling Plate- which he enjoyed with fried rice and thank God, nothing happened to him- if there was, we shall blame it on Sizzling Plate)- sometimes with all the kids, or with some, or just the two of us--- anyway, he is just happy if we are together. He might not be a millionaire but his heart has a million and one kindness and love. He might be growing old but he is always young at heart.... I asked him, "what can I give you for your birthday?" and he replied, "Nothing dear, just your unconditional love." How sweet is that? Of course he has my unconditional love and care and I decided to give him a card with a potential to win $200,000--scratch card and he won $6.00!

Today though, with just the 3 of us here, we will spend the day at home as we have upholstery work tonight....will cook him his favourite pork soup cooked in tomato (sinigang style) with pork chops, rice and a green salad...We will probably have a red wine and on Saturday, we will have his favourite beer- Victoria Bitter (that's not me because I am Sweet....hehehe LOL but it's an Australian brand of beer) and he can get drunk and watch his favourite rugby game.

Cheers to you, my sweetheart!