Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stunning Pictures of Sydney, Australia July 2006

Just recently, Ray had downloaded a lot of pictures from a CD compilation of his Sydney Musical Travel Tour group. The group had taken stunning pictures of themselves (of course!), a lot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Blue Mountains, animals they saw in the Taronga Zoo - their favourite model was King Kong (gorilla), Luna Park and the great Sydney Harbour.
Giraffes and Zebras co-exist in Taronga Zoo.
Luna Park was where they enjoyed a lot of exciting rides.
Their favourite subject- the Gorilla!
This is what they saw at the Jenolan Caves.
One of Sydney's favourite photo shoot- the Sydney Opera House at Sydney Harbour.
The group was also in another ferry like this while this picture was taken. A ferry ride is a must at the Sydney Harbour and you board them in a place called Circular Quay.
Can't wait to take a picture of that famour Harbour Bridge- might as well take one from the tour bus....
This is a nice shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in all its glory. It is a massive bridge and it's really awesome to see it in all its actuality.

More pictures are featured in Plants and People.

Images were from the collection of Ray's Sydney musical tour group July 2006.