Saturday, January 06, 2007

Our flight to Melbourne VIC (Australia)

I have a goal to visit all Australian major cities. So far we have been to Brisbane (of course- we live here), Sydney and Canberra (the capital of Australia). This year we went to Melbourne and this is the start of a blow-by-blow account of our Melbourne sojourn.

Housemates(David and Ray) and I took the taxi, early morning from home to the Brisbane Domestic Terminal. We went directly to the Virgin Blue Terminal. Going on a domestic flight is not much of a hassle compared to going on an international flight. We, with our handcarries just breezed through the security screening process since we were not carrying any obnoxious materials. We also acquired our gate passes on a scanning machine- no hassle. Thanks to online bookings and check-ins. We just had to go upstairs on the escalator to the lobby of the boarding gates- and here you are welcomed by the Ads re. the Airtrain. There is actually a connection for train passage to/from the Airport. Virgin blue has a casual approach to things like this 'virgin loo' written on this door (below). For those non- aussies this just means 'toilet'. The housemates didn't have breakfast so they had breakfast at 'Red Rooster' while I wandered around the shopping area to scrutinise the merchandise.

That particular morning was a perfect time to travel. Fares are cheap in Virgin Blue the only hassle is food and drinks are not free on the plane. They are available but have to pay for them. Same with the stereo headphones. This is really good for a no fuss traveller like me. The more I save, the better. Plus I'm no longer fussed on food and drinks these days. The less I eat, I feel much better. By the way we were away from Dec 6-12 to avoid the Christmas rush and still enjoy the decorations over in Melbourne.

Next post will be in Melbourne...