Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Guess who's 17 today??? Tarzan I mean....

That's right - the entertainer himself, born on the 7th of February 1990 at Hastings Memorial Hospital in Hastings, New Zealand- the time when the Commonwealth Games was held there. No other than Raymond James Robinson who now wants to be called simply as RAY or Ray J.

I was planning to call my first son Tarzan, after my favourite character, Tarzan of the Jungle. I sometimes ask Ray, what if I named you Tarzan? His usual reply was- "Thank God that you didn't. Just imagine my friends, asking their moms- Mom, can I go over at Tarzan's after school? They won't be taken seriously. It will probably entail a lengthy explanation as to why why I was called Tarzan".

But if I had the choice I really would have called him Tarzan. It was his Dad who named him Raymond (a combination of his favourite brother in law Ray, my Dad's pet name which is Roman and my brother's name which is Ramon). Plus I was told that nobody would name their sons Tarzan because they will be bullied at school. I guess the main reason is that if you call someone Tarzan then they should live up to the 'macho' image of Tarzan- fierce, wild, great built, Lord of the Jungle and learn how to howler that sound. Ah- a-a-ahhh- a-ah-a-ah.

Anyway, happy birthday Tarzan...I mean to the one who was not named Tarzan. From the one who Thanked God so very much that you were born by her hehe!

Your Mom, Mum, Mumbles.

See- it took your birthday to get me out of my busy schedule to blog again!.