Sunday, July 15, 2007

Winter In Brisbane

The winter season is certainly here. In Brisbane we have been experiencing below 10 degrees Celsius temperatures although it would be nice and sunny by 10 am, by 4 pm it will be very cold. We needed our thick woolen coats, scarves, some even wear their leather gloves and a lot of ladies are wearing boots. Winter is a good time to dress up and be fashionable- starting with a nice coat, then a boots, with fishnet stockings, and some nice jumpers and thick skirts/leggings/pants. I love wearing my denim pants as they are so warm.

Today being Sunday, I have completed taking out my winter clothes and shoes. I've put away my summer clothes in a suitcase. It took sometime for me to get used to this 2 seasonal change of clothing. In the Philippines, I just have them all in the closet, being from Baguio, I just kept a jacket to keep me warm over my mostly summer clothes.