Monday, April 28, 2008

Better luck next time, Ray....

Sometime ago my 'know all son' went to sit his practical driving test and was so confident. I was too- as so far, he has not failed any test ....yet.

But this was an on.... and the best thing he could do is to write a poem about it. He is a good poet.... and I copied this from his blog with his permission...of course... let's say that I am proud of his POETRY hehehe!

Without a buckle

Copyright all rights reserved R
I went for my driving license on Friday.

There’s a first time for absolutely everything…

without a buckle
by ray j. robinson

the week went by without a fuss
life remained busy but not a rush
the assessing of my driving technique
was on the final day of the business week

didn’t think about the test that much
thoughts concentrated on university matters and such
it only came to mind after awaking
on the day of the test i was due to be taking

a lesson before the test seemed quite wise
that way the actual test would be of no surprise
reminded of the road rules and a key maneauver
drove quite well and could’ve done so in Vancouver

lesson’s end and all was going well
off to the driving centre and not a hotel
issued with ticket c414 I took my place
about to begin the test i was bound to ace

wasn’t nervous at all and no cold feeling
stomach was warm and i above above the ceiling
maybe a bit too much but that’s indeed me
in the area of commonsense i hold no degree

(and you’ll see why)


near the carpark i stood with my tutor waiting for a while
had to wait for the examiner who came out with a smile
she was indeed ready and i was not a wreck
all was in place to start the pre-drive check

into the car i go and put the key into the ignition
all of a sudden i hear this ‘beep’ rendition
what the hell is that? … oh! it went away
after checking this and that all was okay

the examiner jumped in the car and read me a list
asked if i had any questions at all on anything i missed
i shook my head searching for something i forgot
and already the examiner did something i did not

test started well and i drove out of the driving centre
remembering to give way and allow other cars to enter
drove straight up the road and took a right turn
as directed by my examiner and there was no concern

down a main road maintaining the correct speed
all the examiner’s instructions i continued to heed
preparing to change lanes i did the shoulder check
asked to change lanes again? oh, what the heck?

driving down a back street i saw an intersection
how to drive through it: i had a sudden recollection
got through it i did my driving still steady
back to the driving centre we go… already?

at first, you know, i thought that was the end of the test
but reality caved in and i had an awful feeling in my chest
it was barely five minutes on the road i didn’t get it
what did i do wrong, what error did i commit?

i parked back at the driving centre and it was good
not that it mattered because i understood
the examiner looked me in the eye
she said “you’ve failed! any idea why?”

i had no idea: did i fail to give way at all?
did i hit someone or drive into a wall?
couldn’t think of anything; it was so bizarre
“what’s the first thing you do when you get in a car?”

i look down and it finally struck
oh f**k!
after my immediate reaction of disappointment i chuckled
i failed my driving test because my seatbelt was unbuckled

Until next time…

Still learning the extreme basics of driving a car,