Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Pet Cat MILO

Ray recently acquired a female tabby cat who was called Milo. We tried to give it other names like Felicity and Lilycat but when David took it to the vet, he forgot the name we gave her and gave her original name, MILO to the vet so the vet provided a certificate in the name of MILO. Anyway, a cat with any other name is still a cat, right?

She's kept me busy since, attending to her needs. Ray was good for a week, David for 2 weeks, then the novelty wore off for both and I ended up looking after it most of the time. I am not complaining though as life seem rosier after we had Milo - she is like a little child to us, she is playful, affectionate and is great company. Even Vivian had grown really fond of her. We even buy her toys and fancy food.

This is the 3rd cat for us since 1992. We had gray cats before but they were all outside cats and eventually got lost. Milo, we decided will be a housecat and will just be kept indoor. She is toilet trained and very active- checking all the nooks and crannies at home. No mice will come near the house now.

More photos of Milo here

What kind of pet do you have?