Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I do not wish you this..

I hardly use my mobile but I got one as a gift from Vivs..so she can track me down when we are out shopping LOL..I can't even memorise my mob no. but I have it on the 'contact list' as MUM..I don't answer it either as I don't know what button to push. I have a voicemail but I don't know how to access it. Ray gets annoyed sometimes when I don't pick up. They are thinking of giving me a walkie talkie...whatever..children rulz??? don't think so..am not just a big fan of this cellphone.

Upps the furniture people are here now to deliver the kitchen appliances..etc..i took this day off. It's 9:30 am yuhoo. that means that I can go to the movies after all is sorted out..I can also have lunch in my favourite chinese fastfood...this is great life i tell ya! so....

Gee I have to apologise to them for all the mess! Our house is a bomb site due to renovation work upstairs so the garage is full of stuff. I haven't baked a cake since November 08 as my oven was dismantled..Nevermind I always daydream of the beautiful outcome later on...David....hurry up LOL..We both work full time that's why it's soooooooslow and we just resume reno work on the weekends...but hey we are busy, very very very busy!

have a great tuesday everyone and pass it on to people who you think might benefit from it.

i do apologise, it won't save and the message is 'javascript/css not allowed..gee what do I do?..will do it again when I come back OK please be patient. take care everyone....raincheck is issued till i come back.