Saturday, November 14, 2009

The story of Vivi and Bec today the 14the of November 2009 Bec's Wedding Day

and vivi is her maid of hawkes bay new zealand

they met in reignier school or taradale high school in hawkes bay new zealand.
they became best of friends
they went their separate ways in high school but still communicated
vivi left new zealand to immigrate with her family in qld australia
bec stayed with her family in hawkes bay nz
they finished high school
she studied nursing and she also did
she became a dancing nurse
she became a rowing nurse
they both went on with life becoming achievers in their chosen fields in their own separate countries.
thanks to myspace, blogs, facebook, they continued communication in all media possible.

Now they are brought together in Bec's Wedding...moving on to a more serious business in life. Today is the big day to be with their family and old and new friends. Have a great one both of you and have a lot of fun. Love you lots!