Tuesday, March 29, 2011

yey I found the time to reset my PW on this blog

Somehow I felt like I abandoned this blog.
Somehow today I found the time to recover my password.
For awhile there I forgot what email addr i used
Then...suddenly it came to me!
It's been more than a year now since the last blog
I tried an email...it worked
I tried the PW ...it did not work
I reset it.....several attempts to retrieve it later, then one worked!
It takes only one password....to make it work!

Now- on with the show...and I hope it will be a regular show.

My situation...still the same, more years in advance, still the same job the same hubby.

Several aunties and uncles died. My mom is the last among her siblings, not counting uncle ric and auntie annie.

Reunited with my godson Nel who is all grown up now and his young family Abby and Nixie

Reconnected with some elementary, high school, and college friends and met some new ones in social networks - mainly Facebook. I met some (EB) in person already and with some I follow them sometimes in Twitter, too.

Several tsunami, floods, earthquakes and bush fires later..

Yes indeed..even if this blog went on a standstill my life went on being lived and still here and kicking every obstacles and savouring every accomplishments...life is GOOD!