Friday, November 16, 2012

10/11/12 The Royal Episode

I thought that it will be just an ordinary day on 10/11/12 but the eventful day turned out to be a British Royalty episode.  As soon as I heard the news that Prince Charles and Camilla will be at the  Australian War Memorial, I quickly left my ironing chore, unplugged the iron of course  and hysterically grabbed the car keys,  the camera and the hubby(who wanted to check on the Duchess of Cornwall) to head off to the venue, a 15 minute drive from home. Let the photos do the talking. Unfortunately these are just some of the photos that  I have published on the day on Facebook. However my attention was called by  some friends and family who are not on FB that they can no longer access the album even if I send them the link, unless they also sign up on FB...ah  social network, they try to capture everyone. Not to worry, I have some of it here, so sharing my 'dream' come true episode with the Prince of my young dreams...unfortunately HRH is now with Camilla and I am with David, so I went to see him for 'closure'.  And... he shook my right  hand too and said 'Hallu" and Camilla said "Hallo" I apologise for the photos as I am a budding paparazzo and a keen fan....

Flowers, Ray just arrived from work and on the way to the War Memorial

The car park was packed so I parked on the side streets and walked/ran to the place and took photos of these lovely sculpture and trees
There will be a big event for tomorrow, Remembrance Day 11/11/12
One of the top War Memorials of the World,the venue, waiting for the HRH's

I can see the Parliament House from the War Memorial
Here they come, Prince Charles and Princess Camilla

I will be honest and was not keen on Camilla however life moved on for the Prince

She was a very lovely lady, so natural and down to earth.
Beautiful in her own right.

Camilla's pretty personal assistant

And here he comes, the Prince of my dreams hehehe!

So overwhelmed, just savouring the moment.....

It was an enchanting moment!
They actually came on a Holden car, an Australian original with the British Royalty Flag in front
With a Toyota escort car.
Going In
Coming out
Security is 'average' just the ACT Police, they seem to know that fans are well-behaved
Prince Charles, walking towards ...US!...

HRH the Duchess of Cornwall. I wonder why she is not the Princess of Wales ?

My son just told me that the Princess of Wales title goes to the late Princess Diana as the mother of the future KING (William or Harry). On a happier note, I got some goodies for my birthday- stuff toys to be used as a backrest and a board game called 'Upwords". It was a great pre-birthday royalty episode. Couldn't ask for more....