Thursday, May 25, 2006

it's thursday and since the last time it's been BUSY!

because...david had been taking some work home which we both do..
that is vivian trying to help with the work er pose with the work in the background..

ray had 'dancing with the staff' event at his high school, attended a musical competition at pine rivers where his school band got silver medal for the entire state of QLD , orchestra practice today where he plays percussion- drums piano lesson/teaching on Saturday... by golly- he's into all sorts of musical events.

tuesday was movie budget day- we watched mission impossible 3- which gave us a glimpse of the vatican in rome and shanghai, china...the action was too much and a bit drawn out but with all that it's an OK movie...

wednesday i worked overtime until 8pm and it was 9:30pm when I got home- dead tired.
we will also have another overtime work on Saturday- go girl strike while the iron is hot and while OT is being offered.

i was also tagged by Ivan- let me think about it and will publish in the future...

we missed the international kite festival last Sat-Sun...we went to the one last year so might share a pictures with you. more in the future entries.