Sunday, May 28, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures - My ones

I've been tagged by blog buddies, Ivan and Rhebs on these pleasures. As of now these would be:

1. Everytime I glance at Viv's graduation picture and certificate.

2. When we buy take-away food for dinner/supper- the pleasure of eating food that I didn't cook. Relieves me too from cooking time and I can use the time for blogging!

3. Everytime I glance at Ray's collection of trophies he's earned in academic, sports, musical and community achievements. How did he get all that? The hard way or sometimes by sheer luck. The most flattering one is his DUX medal when he graduated from primary school. Every year there is a ratio of 1:1 or 1 dux=1primary school. I get a lot of kick when I see people glance at me and mumble 'she's Ray's Mum' in the shopping centre or on the bus/train. The Vicky's Son had been replaced by Ray's Mum.

4. When I am on the bus on the way to Brisbane on a weekend -not going to work. It's a pleasure trip to go and browse at the flea market, Queen St Mall shops or just to go strolling in Southbank.

5. When David and I go to the Gold Coast(GC) on a train. We can enjoy each other's company because not one of us is driving. We both take a leave on a weekday and off we go for an hour's train ride to the GC. We visit Jupiter's for lunch we like the buffet there, walk in and out of shops at the Pacific Fair or Harbourtown or enjoy the great surf and sand at Surfer's Paradise.

6. My little flower bed watching the new blooms and discarding of the old ones. It's a multi-colored burst of dianthus and petunias in shades of red, pink, white, purple, mauve and fuschias.

7. Looking at funny pictures like this.

8. Christmas Season! The look on Vivian's and Ray's faces as they open their gifts.

9. The prospect of seeing a celebrity the Gladiator, Russel Crowe himself in person for free!

10. Looking at my fishes looking at me in anticipation of their food.

This is a good mental excercise to determine whether we are really getting some pleasure out of our day to day existence. If you experience no simple pleasure at all, then FIND SOME and you'll feel happier. Thanks Ivan and Rhebs...

Dr. Khristine, Ray, Ate Sienna, Ka Uro, Tito Rolly, Vivi, Bugsybee, Hazel Vee and some BWI webbers- YOU ARE TAGGED. You may either write them on your site, send me an email or post it in your own groups.