Sunday, May 07, 2006

Russell Crowe was at Queens Street Mall in Brisbane

but bugger I missed him. Of all Saturdays, this was the time that I did not go to the city. He performed for free, with his band and it was all for free. I had always wanted to see a Hollywood actor/actress in person. David was putting up our front fence so I was giving him all the support I can.

Oh well, maybe he'll come again next time. John Travolta also paid Brisbane a visit and he had coffee downstairs and I just missed him too by a minute, near our foodcourt. Isn't it nice that our city is being visited by celebrities. Ted Turner was another guy- and he came to the Peninsula too.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman's future hubby was born/bred/schooled up in Caboolture, my favourite flea shopping place, just 20 minutes away from home. He now lives in a mansion in Nashville.
Pictures from the Sunday Mail May 06