Saturday, May 06, 2006

friday, fish n chips night

a fish n chips shop near our home

My fried trevally with lime- my idea of fish

Lemons are always present on my buffet table, real and unreal

fish N chips David style, eaten with rice too

In New Zealand and Australia and I believe even in the UK, Friday is a fish n chips night. This means that majority of people will take it easy, not probably cook but queue up in the fish n chips shops to buy- yes, you guessed it fish and chips. It's been a tradition, believed to have originated from some religious practices that Friday should be a day of fasting or not eating meat (we do this in good friday)... so I don't even question it and just accept it. It saves me cooking too.

Fish is actually a filleted fish, dipped in batter or breadcrumbs (you have to specify that you want the battered instead of the crumbed fish when you order). Chips is of course french fries, both fish and chips are deep friend in oil together. They are salted then wrapped in paper and handed over to you, very warm- the aroma is very comforting. It is then unwrapped in the middle of the dinner table and everyone will just help themselves. This is good with white wine, or coke or even beer or just plain water. They are served with lemon wedges too or something called tartare sauce.

David cooks nice fish and chips, using a batter recipe given by our friend, Annie. So we have ours at home for as long as we don't upset David. Otherwise- we just order a pizza (which David cooks very well too using my well- protected secret pizza sauce). We are a food loving family always looking forward to our one big meal a day- suppertime where we mostly cook up a storm. I wonder what others have on their plates on Friday nights??