Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Congratulations RayRay- 2nd Prize for the DUX of 2002

At the high school recital night. Well done to the future showman of the world.
hehe- this guy never failed me whether i go or not to his performances either in music or sports. 90% of the time he is either bringing home a trophy or handing me a trophy to hold while he socialises. This time he got a medal and he is pitted among piano players who had passed their AMEB (Australian Music Exam board) at grade 5-8!. Ray taught himself piano 2 years or so ago practicing using a digitalpiano- upon my urging took and passed with credits the prelim exam (prep to grade 1!)AND YET HE WAS AWARDED 2ND PLACE! What can I say but Thank you for the recognition. The best thing to witness too is that he really enjoys what he is doing and the environment he is at...

This was his medal as the DUX of his primary school. His name is also permanently etched on the school hall as the DUX for 2002. His name was also posted on the school billboard for all pedestrians and motorists to see- but we did not see it and missed a photo shoot as we headed off to the U. S of A to meet his familyas his unexpected prize for an unexpected award. We borrowed money to fulfill his dream(dave, viv and i tagged along of course) to go to the States but credit card debt is now paid off after a year of starvation (haha)You deserved every cent of it Ray plus we all had a good time even the stateside cousins/uncles /aunties- Very well done - we are so lucky and proud to be your parents and share your honours. MORE POWER SON! AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.