Saturday, June 10, 2006

at last- THE RAIN

Queensland- and South East Queensland in particular was proclaimed a drought area- with level 3 water restrictions (the use of hose for any purpose like watering the garden, hosing your car, washing the house, etc. of any kind is illegal and you will be find instantly- and they are not joking too) due to alarmingly dwindling water supply. Australia has a big dessert flat middle and vegetation is located around the coastline. But due to the changing weather conditions we did not receive enough rain this year. They are thinking of copying Aukland NZ by recycling the sewage water to be reused by the residents. I don't really know about that.

BUT TODAY, it rained in the afternoon, not just an ordinary rain but it poured, nearly the whole afternoon. If we only get this kind of rain every other day then we will be fine.