Monday, June 05, 2006

Eventual contact with Sam the Man!

Enjoying the summer vacation in Orlando FL with lani, beth, sep, lordgene,michelle, sam, samantha and godong- joshua
the lovely couple sam and lani
Pa-limolimosine pa sila- they are really having the time of their lives.
Lordgene enjoying her price- a limousine ride with a VIP
Sammy, Little Sam, Lordgene and Lani

Sometime last week i received an email from Sam from JAX FL. Haven't heard from him for a while now eversince he turned down my invitation to pay for his fare from Manila to Baguio(a made up joke between him and sep) should he decide to join our family reunion in Baguio to cheer Mama up. You see, Mama, Auntie Loring, June, Jing, Mon and all the families out there in Baguio are all homesick of Sam and family- Lani (better half), Lordgene and Samantha.

But he is very well, holding down 2 jobs- in the hospital and in a bank - Lani also doing very well, working in the hospital and Lordgene and Samantha have all grown now getting to be young teenagers na huh. So here are the latest pictures.