Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On Being a Juror

A juror according to Macquarie Dictionary is one of a body of persons sworn to deliver a verdict in a case submitted to them; a member of any jury.

Several weeks ago I received a summon as a Juror in the Supreme and Magistrate Courts.

Being a citizen of this country, it is an essential public duty that people should take seriously. I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of the judicial criminal process in Australia.

It means that I will be 'on call' for the next 4 weeks and upon selection should report to the courts and be prepared to be called upon to join a panel of normally 12 other jurors to decide whether the person/s charged is/are guilty/not guilty of the crime.

It is a pretty daunting task as it affects lives, I think in a very big way. Not only the lives of the accused/victims but also their loved ones and family. I have been a juror twice before while in New Zealand, just before we immigrated to Australia. I take this duty earnestly and always pray to the Almighty to guide me to the fair and right direction.

The verdict is just delivered by the jury (like we see on TV) and if guilty sentencing happens later. If not guilty then the accused is set free, as if nothing happened. help me God most of us still want to be sworn holding the Bible. interesting......

from my Calendar....nobody is a perfect parent, and there are no trial runs at parenting. We just love our kids and do our best- God doesn't demand anything more.

images by vfa