Wednesday, June 21, 2006

People come and people go

In our time, people come and people go. We say hello to new ones and may say goodbye to old ones because they move on . They go because they wanted to go or they have to go.

In my office, they sometimes hire non-ongoing (temporary staff) people whose contracts may last between 3-12 months. Last time there were about 40 new people to help us during our peak. Out of these, 6 were assigned to my team. For the period that they were there, we got so used to working with them, developed friendships and when it's time for them to go, it's always a sad occasion. After the last lunches, morning teas, presents and goodbyes, when we report to work next and these people are no longer there, we are stricken with grief and feel somewhat sad that we shall no longer enjoy their smiles, camaraderie and even friendly arguments (which is just part of our office interactions) and we speculate- what next or who next? I am not sure whether we are lucky being permanent employees. Maybe out there, outside our comfort zone there could be more opportunities- a more fun and lucrative job or the opportunity of minding your own business. Somehow we are afraid of the unknown and hesitate to leave our comfort zones. Sometimes it takes someone or something to jolt us to make a change.

This month we will be losing 2 people to retirement. One had reached more than the age of 65 but just loves working. The other hasn't quite reached 60 yet but is tired of the work he's doing and wants to spend more time touring Australia and being with family - a new grandchild was born too you see.

We will lose one person to promotion. She was offered a higher position but not in our site but at the other suburb. She said that she had spent 4 years in Brisbane so the Chermside site would be a new experience for her. I do feel very happy for her but I just feel sad as she is one of the merrier persons around and I will miss her stories about her overseas adventures too. But we are just a phone call or an email away, as she said.

To these people, I am thankful that I have shared great moments with them and I do wish them good luck and happiness in their decisions to move on. I shall miss them and I am not certain what the future holds in terms of our friendships. I have seen some friendships being forgotten after closing those building doors.