Monday, June 12, 2006

On the way to the barrio fiesta we got stuck at brunswick street

David and i planned to go to the Filipino Barrio Fiesta at Yeronga, to commemorate the June 12th independence day celebration. Thanks to our friends Eva and Vicky who informed us about this event as we have not heard about it. Mind you since coming to Australia we hardly socialised and all we did was work, study, work and just ran around the schedule of the kids.

Somehow we did a few things before going and after dropping Ray off at Scarborough before lunch, drove to the train station in Sandgate. While on the train, we felt hungry so we decided to stop at Brunswick Street (Chinatown) to have Yum Cha at our favourite resto.

We had some exotic food like tripe and chicken feet. David ordered a beer and was given a chinese beer. He wanted to order another one but he found out that it costs $6- so he changed his mind.

After eating, on our way back to the train we were held up by some sidewalk peddlers and David was particularly keen on a 1000 pcs jigsaw with ginger kittens. They were 2 for $10 so we decided to buy 2, the other one was a picture of the NYC brooklyn bridge with the Twin Towers still standing up. The vendor reckons it glows in the dark too. Not a keen jigsaw puzzler, i settled with a small $3 japanese cat drawing 500pcs which I said that I will do (on my retirement!)
We kept on going, window shopping mostly browsing at merchandise here and there- then we came across my favourite filipino shop, Best Friend where my friend Imelda works. She was there and we had a chat. Then we scritinised more goods and ended up buying so many other goodies... this place is actually 15 min by foot from my office but i'd rather spend my lunch hour walking or chatting with officemates and in the afternoon i am always rushing to get home. Anyhow, we ended up with so many heavy, bulky plastic bags.

SO- we just decided to buy some beer worth $11 (nabitin siya sa isa eh) which is actually 3 one-liter bottles and just head back home and not go to the Barrio Fiesta with our heavy plastic bags....We saved $12 (entrance fee was $6 per) and we had a restful day at home just the 2 of us (which is rare), eating the chicharon for me the nuts for him and having a nice cold beer- a toast to the QUEEN- for her birthday too. David cooked himself a piece of steak with rice and peas while I had the left over pork adobo. We will just go to the Barrio Fiesta next year. I hope that I'm still blogging too by then, let's wait and see.
I have also updated people and plants ciao.