Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday Night World Cup (Soccer)

photo courtesy of the australian/yahoo news

I am not really a great soccer fan, but I was introduced to it by Ray when he decided to join a club and play soccer during his primary school days. BUT I love watching the opening ceremonies of big time events such as this. The world cup is being held in Munich Germany this year. I do not have any particular team but since I am here in Aussie, I shall cheer for the socceroos. It was a friday night too and Vivian came and stayed the night- Haines was at a Kempo Camp with his Dad. We had Eagle Boys Pizza for tea, which David and I bought after getting some groceries at Coles.

The opening games ceremonies on TV was pretty late, at around 10:30 PM. All 4 of us were snuggled in the lounge and watched the preliminary programs- showing the beautiful tourist spots and attractions in Germany, around Munich - the castles, Berlin Wall, Oktoberfest, those beer served in giant jugs. We all decided too that we will go see Germany ourselves- with bold determination.

The stadium was a one of a kind architectural design indeed. The first part was OK with a green carpet which changed to red - with german musicians , dancers, etc. in their costumes but later, it kinda dragged on and got a bit of a bore. Sorry Germans- I am not all that impressed-I think that the Australians had put on a better show in the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. So let the games begin anyway- In the middle of it, I went back reading, Ray went back playing the piano, David fell asleep on the recliner and Vivian too went to sleep in the 3-seater. I ended up waking them up to go to their rooms after Ray said g-night at around 1AM.

GO Socceroos!