Friday, June 16, 2006

Thursday- Late Night Shopping

On ordinary days, shops close between 5-6pm, but on Thursdays, suburb shopping centres close at 9pm. David and I usually do our grocery shoppings on Thursdays unless more important things come up. I am glad that he comes shopping willingly with me nowadays (before it was- come or else! it's a fact that men would normally shy away from shopping- i don't know of any man shop-a-holic yet).

Since 3 weeks ago, our Thursdays had been far from the usual. Ray had been invited to join the city orchestra and he rehearses from 7-9:30 at night. He's home from school before 3:30. David is home by 4:00 while I am home by 6pm. So, the issue of what will Ray eat on Thursday before rehearsals came about. 2 things may happen, 1st he may order pizza and have it delivered as soon as he gets home from school, or 2nd David will cook (oh yes, he is now house trained) meat pie and mashed potato and peas as soon as he arrives. We decided that we will alternate the 2. When I arrive, we will serve tea and then we drop off Ray at the rehearsal venue before we go shopping. If he's having pizza, of course he will start eating them as soon as they are delivered.

We try to buy non-perishable goods in bulk, to last us for 2 weeks at least. What do we normally buy? Usually, we buy a week's supply of fruits, veggies, snacks (for work/school), milk, butter, pasta, rice, soft drinks (which we have on the weekends we are home- we try to eat healthy), meat pies, biscuits, bread, chocolates (bite size to limit what we eat), tissue, laundry powder, softener, magazine(australian weekly woman's magazine) or the newspaper. Today though we spent a bit- buying a George Foreman grill, queen bed sheets (we bought a new queen size bed and we gave Ray our old one), even a 'pug' dog (made out of resin)- it will be a playmate to our "labrador"(resin-made too) who is pegged infront of the TV a white bone china serving dish - as i am planning to weed out our colored plates, bowls, serving platters and change them all to white as it looks more elegant. I normally pay with my credit card ( I hardly carry cash around) and i've been pretty good at paying it all off before the due date. I find the credit card better because we are not charged with transaction fees plus I get reward points. No matter what people say, the credit card is excellent if you are disciplined to have the power to make it work for you rather than the other way around.

It was by the way 15% off everything at Kmart so we got that grill pretty cheap plus for more added discount, it had a flag (those little banners that say that they're on specials- so the price was reduced even further).

It's such a chore bringing in at least 7 boxes and bags as we have to climb up the stairs of our 2-level house (remind myself FITNESS!). After everything had been put away, we settle for a warm drink- he has coffee I have my ginger tea with biscuitsand by this time Ray will be coming home from rehearsals- he has either an ice cream or his sustagen.
So we live a pretty organised life (I'd like to think so).

...a message from my calendar " do you have a grouch box instead of a joy box? throw it away and stuff your joy box full"....