Saturday, June 17, 2006

Midyear Sale, Stocktaking Sale, 50% off, 70% off

End of the financial year sale, mid-winter sale, special sale, whatever sale...JUNE is the end of financial year in Australia. It simply means it's the tax financial cut off on the 30th and everything earned from July 1st last year to the end of June this year need to be accounted for. It's also the time where tax clients (people who pay taxes) hoard on tax deductible items for themselves or their businesses. These items may include books(non-fiction which is related to their job/business), cars(business use), laptop/PC, subscribe to associations, magazines and newspaper (anything that will contribute to your skill in your present job e.g. education, could be tax deductible), donate to charities, pay interest in advance for investments, and a whole lot of other deductible stuff and if you're really interested, you may surf

As expected, almost all retail shops big or small have a big sale this month. How did I participate? Actively i guess LOL. The novelty had passed for me though, after observing this trend year in year out, I schedule f my shopping for our clothes this month. I think it's not very smart not to. So- after working overtime today for 5 hours (which is double pay!), I did not go straight home but headed down to Target where they have a 15% off on everything, plus a 60% off the red double- breasted felt winter jacket- that I've been eyeing now for awhile, 30% off pants, winter clothes, 70% off socks, underwears, 50% off bed linen, etc. etc. etc.

Of course I went to buy my red jacket first and there was only one left of my size(the Lord is good to me), bought Ray 2 pairs of pants (he's going to cold Sydney in NSW in July so he needs warm pants), boxer shorts, socks and stockings, underwears for us all and even DVDs of my old favourites- porky pig, popeye, 3 stooges, $2@!. I also put on 'lay by' -you ask them to put the goods away for you and pay it off for 3 months- a quilt cover and 2 queen bed summer sheets- the 500 thread count percale egyptian cotton (which does not need ironing and this feels velvety on the skin- really good quality) kind. Truly our linen sheets needs changing now as they have thinned and some are about to tear- but I kept putting it off but somehow, I just closed my eyes and got them because they were also 50% off.

I nearly got carried away-my shopping was halted when I realised that David is not with me to help carry all the stuff plus I am going home on the train/bus/foot so I put back some, being very careful that I leave with me the most wanted ones (this includes that bulky red jacket of course!). So having done that, I joined the queue at the next available checkout- but when the operator shouted out 'next' 2 big gothic-like creatures from behind overtook me. Someone's tested my patience here- if I were younger I wouldn't care what sort of creatures they are I would have told them off and insist at my rightful time with the check-out, but after taking a good angry look at them I just let them be and just mumbled- ma-karma sana kayo! The check-out operator was polite enough to apologise on behalf of the 2 (actually he had the power to remind these rude B that i was there first), the dalai lama reminded me to say ' its OK' and I actually felt better then. Outside Target, there is KFC and I yielded to the nice aroma of kentucky (mind you it's been 3 hrs non-stop browsing and shopping) so i bought just 3 pcs of chicken wings ( i am trying to lose some weight) then filled my water bottle from the drinking fountain- don't forget that i'm also a very frugal ilocano hihihi. Will not dish out $2 for a coke- not me! when you can buy them at 40 cents per if you buy in bulk (by the box).

Anyway, I was able to catch the 4:23 pm train and headed home. got on the 695 bus and stopped at the school and walked my way home. I showed David (who was working away there- his labour today will help pay for my loot + my overtime pay) my red jacked and he said that I suit it and in fact looked younger ahahay! that made my day so I volunteered to cook the steak tonight, do the dishes and iron the clothes including his. If he made a bad comment- he will do all those chores except ironing my clothes. We're sweet aren't we?

Anyway again the next big shopping spree is for the Christmas Shopping- bet ya there will be a whole lot of other sales gimmick. The consumers - like me- will benefit more so i shall rest my shopping shoes for now.

from my calendar....take a friend to lunch. Talk about all the good things in the world. Or make up with an old friend..... keep on smiling guys..