Saturday, July 08, 2006

A first timer in Melbourne Australia all by HERSELF!

In June 1988, Vivs and I landed in Melbourne International Airport as a 6- hour stop-over on our way to New Zealand. It was the first time that we felt what a freezing temperature is like and I tell you it's a far cry from the cold temperature that we knew while living in Baguio. We practically froze while strolling through the duty free shops.

Our Baguio-jacket and coats were not even sufficient to keep us warm. We needed a special kind of a thermal underwear for this sort of weather.

Eighteen years on, Vivian decided on Melbourne to be her first solo-travel trip outside of her comfort-zone, Brisbane. David, Viv, Ray and I were bitten by the travel bug since 2000. We've been to several places here and overseas, travelling and adventuring together.

Now that she had just become independent, financially self-sufficient, even living away from home, she had talked about travelling on her own. Didn't realise that she had to make it soon. I was a bit worried at first, but she is a determined girl.
The food she ate in Melbourne....anyway she arranged all her travel tickets and organised to stay with her high school mate and friend Ben, who now moved to Melbourne and lives with his partner.

She saw these sights, the skyline of the city that is also known as a style-setter- a home to some of the best shopping, best restaurants and nightlife in Australia. She confirmed all these. She looked happy and cold- displaying the peace sign- maybe she sees David, Ray and I in protest- why oh why did you go without us? We were so jealous! OOOO- it looked really really cold- looks like the tram is covered in snow and she's even wearing a pair of snow-rimmed glasses.

And this is her host and tourist guide- Ben formerly of Vivian's high school and suburb. He now calls Melbourne Home. Thanks Ben for looking after her.... that's why she preferred Melbourne to let's say Darwin coz dear old Ben was there.

She got back to Brisbane, with Haines (who was not able to join her due to work commitments) waiting for her at the airport. Her verdict- she will visit often...