Wednesday, July 19, 2006

RAY was off to Sydney for a Musical/Travel School Tour

It was such a busy week that I forgot I have a blog! LOL
Every Saturday morning at 9am I always drive Ray to his Academy (7 min from home). He started here as a student then now he was also invited to teach new students since according to his mentor 'I don't have anymore to teach you'. He works here part time as a piano teacher (at 16!). While he is there I sometimes take the opportunity to go to Woolworths shopping centre for my weekly grocery shopping- a task that I mostly enjoy or I drive back home to continue my chores such as loading the washing machine, hanging them up if there's sun, start cleaning and tidying up the house.

But last week was particularly busy due to my jury service being completed and while I was trying to settle to the normal work and home activity, it was time to prepare things for Ray's high school Instrumental Music Program Sydney Tour 2006!. He and I sorted out what he will bring- winter clothes - some had to be bought as Sydney is so much colder than Brisbane in wintertime (which is now). His trombone too had to be serviced at Ellaways, a music shop which is an hour away drive from home. And luckily they were able to to this within 3 days. On Sunday, we woke up at 3AM to take him to school where they all met for their trip. It was an eventful time too as we were able to catch up with parents of Ray's buddies, some of whom we've known for 8 years now, diligently supporting our own children in their musical efforts. Gee, our children are much more bigger than us and we, parents have also matured in looks - and I hope in outlooks - or do we still feel like how we felt 8 years much for that- we felt our children's excitement and that was all that mattered- we became quite excited for them too.
These lucky guys will have a good time in Sydney, staying at Naamaroo, going on the Sydney ferry, visiting and performing at the Jenolan Caves, attending a concert at the Sydney Opera House, then visiting the animals at the Taronga Zoo then hopefully buy me souvenirs at the Paddy's Market. David and I are luckier as we have the house and all the amenities to ourselves- no kids!LOL As of this writing Ray I heard was really enjoying this trip. They will perform in 3 Sydney High Schools- he will play the trombone, violin and the piano.

I have also updated my other sites- plants and people see you there...