Sunday, August 13, 2006

My typical Saturday

I work for a living from Monday to Friday, so you can imagine that ITGIF and when Saturday is here, I am quite happy to be at home, doing the chores. See- hubby and I have divided the chores- I do the inside the house chores aside from dishwashing/cooking where we take turns while he does the outside (there are no maids in Australia like we have them in the Phils...we can get a housekeeper and pay $45 for a 3-hr housework but hey, housework is a way to keep fit and I can think of a hundred and one things to use 45 bucks!).

So here is my standard Saturday schedule:
  • get up at 6.30 am(an hour later than weekday mornings)- have breakfast with hubby- usually fruit toast, yoghurt and coffee
  • load the washing machine or if I programmed it the night before, hang the washing out. I normally do 3-4 loads (we never do washing on weekdays)
  • sweep/dust/mop kitchen area (mopping is once in 2 weeks), change all the mats, handtowels, teatowels, in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen
  • wake up Ray for his piano lessons/teaching
  • take him to the academy (10 min driving from home) and while he is there for nearly 2 hours i do grocery shopping in nearby Woolworths- sometimes hubby joins me if he does not have upholstery work or not busy doing outside work.
  • back at home, hang the washing out (though we have a dryer I prefer drying clothes out naturally), sort our groceries etc.
  • cook lunch
  • more housekeeping- bedroom, foyer, etc- in between blogging hehehe! if hubby is not looking...he does not read my blog in detail- only if i feature him- he loves to read about himself! don't get me wrong i love picking on him...lagot ako kapag nabasa niya ito!
  • sometimes ray and i go to the public library and end up with lots of books, magazines and cd/dvd- i can borrow 20 pcs and he too can do that. hubby is also a member so we have the potential to hoard 30 materials from the library- mind you we did this once and we can't keep track of what we borrowed so we decided to become more realistic and just borrow 5 max.
  • usually hubby cooks on a saturday- pizza or sausage casserole his masterpieces
  • i water(with a bucket as there is water restrictions here - not allowed to use the hose or sprinkler)the plants and weed my garden/ transplant etc
  • ray or hubby brings in the clothes and they sort it out into 'needs ironing' or 'does not need ironing' and i iron while watching TV
  • hubby and i wind down sometimes with a red wine or a beer (if his fave rugby is on) and compete singing using the MagicMic (i just beat hubby -83 and me 89 singing bridge over troubled water)- we are trying to provoke the rain you see...this song 'i will survive' is challenging me... i wish i could sing it properly...will just settle for kokomo- i love the beat. this is our way of keeping those insects at bay especially roachers.
  • i put up with ray's piano/violin practices, read the saturday paper- watch tv and hope to finish all the ironing so clothes are all clean and crisp...

Gee i can't believe that my Saturday goes so schedule is as flexible as can be due to calls from Baguio or VA as it takes 2 hrs to talk to family but this could be once in a blue moon since blog started, there is a sudden schedule for Ray to go somewhere (can't wait till he gets his driving license), a visit from a friend or hubby's relatives, etc. and thank God that hubby is not so fussy as to the quality of my housework (i tell you it's poor...huhuhu)- like I told him time and again that I was not born to do housework. hehehe...kung gusto niya siya nalang ang gumawa- 'di ba?

Even with all the chores I prefer being at home than at work. Hope you all had a relaxing weekend.