Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Australian Outback Spectacular and Fiddler...

The weekend was the time to organise my files and lo and behold, i found some of the memorabilia stuff that I've been looking for- for quite sometime now. It was the things from our Australian Outback Spectacular Adventure.
Being from the Phils/New Zealand, we had wanted to understand as much as we can about Australian way of life and this dinner- show was a chance to peek into the Australian version of 'cowboy' lifestyle in short- Australian cowboys- I won't elaborate much as some of you may want to see it one day. I think that it should be a must for tourists into Queensland/Australia as it will introduce them to the Australian outback action, music, drama and food-which also included a bottomless supply of red/white wine, beer, water, coffee and tea!. It was David's idea to go watch it and he convinced Ray- actually these 2 made an agreement. Ray wanted to watch the Fiddler on the Roof and wanted David to come. David agreed on one candition- that Ray will watch the Australian Outback Spectacular. They agreed. Where did I fit in? My opinion did not count so I will go watch Dusty with 2 of my workmates but I still agreed to go along with them to watch Fiddler and Outback with the two... I don't want to be left out and I want to know what these shows have to offer. Although I am not a great 'cowboy ' fan, but i love being in a 'cowboy' get-up - jeans, patterned shirt, boots and cowboy hat- i actually enjoyed the australian cowboy show- we even got given free cowboy hats and treated to some country song/line dancing before we were let into the big show arena.

I did enjoy Fiddler on the Roof too- Topol the star was the same one in the old movie. I watched the movie very long time ago and Ray became a stage musical fan and came across Fiddler- he actually bought the DVD ($10)I was very happy as Fiddler is my all time favourite movie. I just love the wisdom of the Father here, his relationship with God and his Tradition. I also loved Topol's voice.

I will watch Dusty in Sept the 6th...can't wait!