Monday, September 04, 2006

Goodbye STEVE IRWIN- the crocodile hunter

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter had brought a lot of joy, information, courageous adventures, and awareness to wildlife, dangerous animals, endangered species to my family . We first knew of him as the Australian Crocodile Hunter in his TV series. When we visited Joseph in VA, the first thing they asked of us was if we knew or have seen Steve Irwin.

It was such a shock to learn today that he was attacked by a stingray on his chest and perished. Its a creature similar to the one below (stingray picture sent by Pandu, taken in the Bahamas). We had visited his family- owned Australia Zoo which is just a 25 minute drive from home and we had a wonderful time interacting with the animals. He had created a theme park that provided a natural experience to anyone who visits it. Even Vivs and Ray overcomed their fear of the snake and happily posed with the python below.

Steve was 44 years old, survived by his American wife, Terri and their 2 young children. He was a great wildlife icon, passionate conservationist and a very enthusiastic individual in what he does. My children had grown up watching The Crocodile Hunter, even when we were in NZ. We evan watch repeats and are still captivated by his antics- everytime. God Bless you Steve and may you find your peace in your new world and adventure....thank you very much for touching our lives and keeping us together (infront of the tv) to enjoy your program.