Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Remembered

I wonder how each of us relate to the tragic events of 9/11. Recalling that time, I was chatting to a guy who said that he was from the south of France when Sandra Sully, the anchorwoman of Channel 9 News here in Australia appeared on screen for Nightline. First of the news was something about one of the Towers of the World Trade Centre in NYC had caught fire. I mentioned it to my chatmate and he said that he's gonna switch to CNN. Great idea, I did too. What was shown next was the most horrific images I've ever seen. It was a plane that flew straight into the other Tower!. At that very instance fear gripped me as I realised that America was being attacked. I was glued on the TV and witnessed how the forthcoming news unravelled. I was in shock as my brothers Joseph and family are based in Virginia, Sam and family were in Jacksonville, Florida and Mon and Dolly were in Las Vegas attending a conference. Lucky for us, after the inconvenience of the event, everyone was safe.

These images were from the Sydney Herald and it depicts 3 difference phases of the site after the attack. Life has to move on and I am glad that this place has- very slowly as it is the most tragic event of this century and touched a lot of lives. I had the great urge to visit my brothers in the U.S. right after 9/11 because it's been 11 years and I suddenly felt so homesick for them- plus I haven't really met my nephew and nieces. It was a good time to travel to the States too as the fare just zoomed down to its cheapest- AUD$1100 return to NYC was really cheap via JAL- so David, Viv, Chris(my stepson- David's son who was still with us) and I booked. The ensuing travel was one of the most eventual times of our lives. We visited the Eastcoast of America. We went from New York all the way down to DC and Jax Florida, via the Antrak train. We met my brothers and their families and spent time with them and we had one of the greatest moments of our lives.

Below was a news article published today online from the Sydney Herald. Read on....

9/11 Five years on

Phillip Coorey Chief Political Correspondent September 11, 2006

A day etched in memory ... firefighters make their way through the rubble of the world trade centre.

WE ALL changed that day, in ways we do not fully understand. Most of all, September 11, 2001, was a day that gave birth to new fears, and five years on we remain riveted by our dread, even when we know that sometimes we are jumping at shadows.
Australians share their apprehensions with Americans, Britons and much of the world. A poll taken for today's Herald shows 63 per cent believe the world is less safe. Only 4 per cent believe the contrary, and half think an attack on Australian soil more likely than it was in 2001.
The Prime Minister, John Howard, who was in the US that day, says that on his daily walks he contemplates the consequences of a large-scale attack on a Sydney office block. Mr Howard acknowledges the threat is real and that the air force could be ordered to shoot down a hijacked plane. He has written to George Bush to offer reflections on the anniversary, and this morning will attend a ceremony at the US embassy.
Mr Bush will visit ground zero today, where five years ago he vowed revenge. His popularity soared. But the Iraq war has wiped most of that, polls show. Weapons of mass destruction were not there; nor were Iraq's links to al-Qaeda. The CIA has just conceded there were none.