Saturday, September 02, 2006

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY tomorrow...3 sep 2006

I never knew about "Happy Father's Day" until I was living in New Zealand in 1988. Over there it's celebrated every 1st Sunday of September. Don't ask me why as I don't know and I never really bothered to know. I do have an inquisitive mind but this is something that I just take at face value.

I sent my first and last Father's Day card to my Dad in Baguio, Phils in September 1989. I urged Vivian to send one too, one that she personally picked from a shop called Whitcoulls in Hastings, New Zealand. I was 4 months on the family way with Ray. Ray never saw his Lolo (Grandad) because he suffered a massive heart attack in September 18, 1989 and died suddenly in September 20. He would have turned 61 in October 6, 1989 but the good Lord decided that he'd rather have him with Him. I was told that he received our cards and pictures from New Zealand and he never stopped looking at them before his turn. Maybe he felt so homesick for us as he was such a doting grandad to Vivian. I often wondered if he would still be alive if I had left Vivian under his care (as he had an early retirement at 58 ) while I sought my future in NZ.

This is not about his death though but since this is the first time that I am talking about my father, I do remember him fondly but sadly this father's day.

Daddy Roman to us his children, Lolo Roman to his apo's(grandchildren) Daddy to my Mama (she always called him Daddy for as far as I can remember and my Daddy called Mama, Mama) was the most wonderful, kind, loving, handsome, humorous and charismatic person I have ever met. He was not financially rich but he had the richest of hearts. He was a father with wisdom, always humorous but if something upsets him (which is very seldom as he is very tolerant and patient), he has the ability to assert his values and influence people to his kind of thinking . He was very principled and was a disciplinarian. Everyone I know who knew him had spoken so well of him that I am so proud to be one of his daughters. I will never have it another way and if I shall choose another father, I will always choose him. I love you very much, Daddy and I really miss you so much. Wherever you are I know that you have spiritually guided me along the way to be a good parent to my own children and I have you in my mind everyday and most of my decisions are based on the question- will Daddy approve of this or not- and so far my life and those around me is very worthwhile and meaningful. I wish that I had spent more time with you, and I wish that you were around to taste the food that I now cook. I do cook very well now because during those days that I was studying and working I never really learnt how to cook and you were so worried about when will i start learning how to cook properly for the sake of my future husband.

This was taken in June 10, 1988, the very last time that Vivian and I saw Daddy alive. Who would ever think that a year later he would pass on.

The card was the one and only Father's Day card I ever sent to my Father. I wasn't really into cards when I was living in the Phils. I am so glad that I was able to send him one and he was reassured of how proud I was of him, before he died.

Mama had created this collage after he died- featuring all his children, children in law and grandchild- vivian (at that time).

I have featured more of my dad in peoples.