Sunday, August 27, 2006

One of those weekend days...

There was upholstery work this weekend. We have to finish nearly 200 pieces of backs and seats for office chairs before monday morning . On Saturday I had sprayed more than half of the work and David was about to tack them but...the compressor wasn't working as it should be. Air pressure was weak and it won't automatically shut the noise. At 6pm David gave up fixing it. Decision: just buy a new one tomorrow at Bunnings as we really have to finish the work. Although frustrated as things did not go as planned, we had a relaxing evening, waited for Ray to return from the high school band competition from Jindalee. Had some ironing done and clothes were sorted out.

Sunday, we had to forego morning Mass. After fixing Ray breakfast of fried eggs on toast, headed to Bunnings and bought a brand new compressor (Cost $95.00) and some ear plugs ($2.50). Ray went off for another high school musical competition at 10:15 am. The brand new compressor was good- I was able to finish spraying all the stuff by mid-day while David carried on tacking them. I spent most of the afternoon trimming and stacking them up, in between lunch, ironing, cooking and some sweeping and watering of plants. I finished my upholstery work by 7pm while David carried on till 8:30pm. We had a beef roast for tea with the usual roasted potatoes and pumpkin, with silverbeet from the garden and gravy. Ray's job was to load up the van with the work and he did it after tea. Good boy! We could have finished work at midday if the compressor didn't play up. Oh- of those days.

By the way, Ray's high school big band won the Gold on Saturday night and the high school symphony orchestra won the Silver on Sunday morning. He played the trombone on both events. Well done girls and boys!