Friday, November 10, 2006

Goodbye Riverside Part 4

Still on Riverside- i just wanted to reminisce my daily route from arriving at at Central Station to go to work- so bear with me but hey these are new images....

Upon arrival at the underground Central Station- this is the most popular stop/changeover station in the Brisbane CBD which is also underground you are greeted everymorning with newly-cleaned even shimmering grounds.
I normally take the stairs for fitness and this is located between those 2 escalators that transport people upwards during morning peaktime and downwards during afternoon peak hours.
At the top of the stairs/escalators, you are welcomed with these monitors featuring colour-coordinated train line destinations, trains going north or soutth. Going home is the blue line for me - the Shorncliffe Line on the northside. If you feel a bit hungry- McDonald is also located here- the queu here though is unbelievable during peak hours.
I walk further down and this is my fave passageway- the Sofitel-there is a certain smell to it that just mesmerises me and it's good to experience so early in the morning e.g. 7 am.
I looked back before going down- ads are abundant, informing you of whatever.
I actually go through this door which is extended from the train station. The Sofitel Brisbane shortcut.
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