Monday, November 13, 2006

A year older another milestone

People who cared celebrated my birthday last saturday, 11/11 remembrance day to the veterans. I had the flu but the show must go on. My friend from the Gold Coast, Armi and Jim came at 2:30 pm and my daughter Vivs and Haines came for dinner. We were supposed to have a sit down dinner at the Golden Ox but it was cancelled as I was too sick to go out. Although I should have- as even though I stayed home, i just have to cook something for the loved ones.

And so.. after dropping Ray to his music class, i went to get some stuff at Woolies- David had been very good tidying and cleaning up and at 11 AM i cooked spaghetti for a change from the usual noodles or pancit (which we had for lunch), and adobo (chicken and pork with potatoes). David and Ray enjoyed the spag with garlic bread. It was a great excuse for David to have a beer at lunch time. He said that he is celebrating my birthday- great excuse....but i accepted his sincerity. Been too sick to be bothered or to eat...just had a soup.

good to have former kids share the food, the fun and the memories

Armi and Jim arrived and I served them the spaghetti too. Armi gave me a beautiful chocolate cake with a candle that sings 'happy birthday' non-stop!. We haven't seen each other since Easter 06 so we had a lot of catching up bla bla bla which i really enjoyed but not very good for my sore throat and my coughs ...

Haines and Vivs came for tea- we had steak which i marinated in soy sauce/montreal steak seasoning, mushrooms/onions, boiled potatoes, rice, beans and salad. Everyone enjoyed including poor sick me but they all looked after me....I felt really exhausted but very happy indeed. I also got a call from Mama from Baguio, I missed Mon's call and text msgs from dolly, donna, a couple of nos. i am no sure where it came from but hey thanks a lot for all your good wishes.

It's Monday today and I've been taking David's left over anti-biotic ( I know I shouldn't but too weak to go to the doctor yet and he and Ray had the same flu last week- in fact i believe that he's given it to me! It's really bad and I don't even wish it to anybody!). Am having a rest after this- I just don't feel sleepy yet... and I'd like to express my great appreciation and gratitude to those who sent their wishes...

My fashion statement at home - the apron and this is a new one too with xmas motif. I'll be wearing it for the Christmas Season.