Sunday, February 25, 2007

Inside the Melbourne War Memorial

The significant building of the War Memorial in Melbourne houses memorabilia concerning the war and it includes posters, books, DVDs, CDs and tourist items of t-shirts, banners and medals.

I also featured a whole lot of women's uniform in different styles and colours, with matching hats. They sure looked very smart in their crisp military uniform. I like the uniforms although i am not keen on the work.
To appreciate the war participation of men of women, there were thousands of medals presented and would you believe that you can browse through around 4000 medals with the name of recipient, the kind of medal and the design and properly identified as to the date it was awarded as well.

My only wish is - I hope that there will be no more wars and I don't mind not having anymore medals for fallen, disabled, traumatised soldiers.

Let there be peace.