Wednesday, April 11, 2007

after easter

I had a break from work due to leave benefits like annual leaves and flex leaves. I have 4 days off. I don't have much plans and my activities are just being done at random not because i don't have anything to do but I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START! It's really serious- as my pile of clothes need ironing is increasing as i finish each wash, files are getting higher for all these things we get from the post, dust is being collected etc etc etc ....I actually made up a list of what to do and i will start by ironing the clothes in the lounge while watching Series 2/#6 of the Desperate Housewives. Lately, i found so much joy watching TV series uninterrupted with commercials.

While doing my recycling of old newspapers, I came across 10 more tips for happiness and i am not sure if i've read the others tips before the 'more'. But you may read these on peoples i also posted a couple more pictures of Melbourne on my homes
the image was of our then unfinished verandah upstairs. we have done more work since.