Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter to One and All 2007

Kids had grown and still my ones expect some chocolate easter eggs. The Social Club at work gave choco easter rabbits and eggs and Ray is quite happy with those because when we were in Westfield, he asked that instead of buying him choco easter stuff, he just wants the latest edition of the Your Keys to Driving in Queensland. A lot of his friends and classmates have either taken , intended to take, dreaming of taking the learner's license test while some are already learning to drive. Ray said that he is just taking it because nearly everyone else is doing it. He is quite happy walking to and from his destination or getting a lift from people and Mum and Dad of course.

As for Vivs who lives away from home, she called yesterday and in the course of our conversation I asked her if she wants any easter eggs. Your guess is right- she does!. Since I won't be able to see her at Easter as she is on duty, plus i don't have the time to drive all the way to the dark side, i mean the south side (1.5 hrs drive to) I said that I'll just transfer $20 to her account and she and Haines either buy themselves some easter goodies, eat out, or whatever...She's quite happy with that.

By default I am the leader of our own social club with 3 other members. I decided to distribute hot cross buns and cadbury easter eggs to the 100+ staff. We've done well in our Easter Guessing Competition, you see as the tickets had all sold out so I thought of sharing half the profit to those who participated and who didn't (they may participate next time, you see). There were 3 choices to choose from, plain, fruity and choc chip. I thought that many will choose the choc chip but surprise , surprise - most preferred the traditional plain with cinnamon and the fruity one.

The distribution went well despite our business line being scattered around 3 levels (floors to others) in our bldg- the ground, 2nd and 3rd floors. Lisa, my assistant and I managed really well. She was a great help! One funny snag though- we forgot to offer the butter spread for their buns!. I then sent out an email for all to help themselves with the spread located in 1- small kitchen and 2- big kitchen. You know what happened? the one in the big kitchen went missing....when I told Ros about it she said- because your email said ' help yourself' so they thought they can take the whole container for free! haha! I meant for them to use it for free and not to take it home. Never mind, it cost hardly anything as it was the generic brand. I just changed the sticker on the other one and wrote' for everyone's free use' before they get taken home.

It's good Friday today and it's a great sunny day outside. I did my washing then I will continue organising my files at home