Sunday, April 29, 2007

It looks like posting is a monthly event..


just so busy lately- I know i've said this a million times but its a great excuse.

It seems that I'll be working overtime every Saturday until the end of June- do i have a choice- indeed I have but I needed the money to pay Ray's tuition...unless I won the Lotto last night...can't even find my ticket.

So much for the ramblings...

Here's my favourite son (bear in mind he's the only one!) on a thursday morning, waiting for the City Express 315 bus at 6:40 am. He's on his way to attend his Rock Band practice at 7 am. So far he hasn't been late yet and has even gone for a tour. He came back today. It's good to know that he has settled in his new school and gets annoyed if I tease him about going back to his old school. Good on him.