Sunday, May 06, 2007

some things about me


I found this tag on one of the forums and i copied and modified it a bit tag yourselves and let's know each other better.

5 jobs i've have had in my life

  1. bank teller
  2. economic researcher
  3. qc in an apple packhouse
  4. caregiver for the elderlies
  5. federal officer

5 movies i will watch over and over

  1. star wars trilogy (for as long as ray stays with me LOL)
  2. one flew over the cuckoo's nest
  3. titanic
  4. bambi
  5. lion king

5 models of cars i've have had

  1. red toyota corona
  2. brown valiant
  3. cream mitsubishi 4 wheel drive L300
  4. gold mitsubishi magna
  5. white mitsubishi express van

5 places i have lived

  1. aurora hill, baguio city, philippines
  2. kamia/sampaguita dormitories- u. p. diliman, quezon city
  3. guadalupe, makati, philippines
  4. hastings and napier, new zealand
  5. brisbane, australia

5 TV shows i like to watch

  1. dr phil
  2. better homes and gardens
  3. desperate housewives
  4. dancing with the stars
  5. boston legal

5 places i have visited in the Philippines

  1. baguio of course- i was born there
  2. metro manila
  3. cebu, iloilo, bacolod
  4. davao, general santos, cotabato
  5. ilocos sur ilocos norte and many more.....this is cheating already

5 places i've have had visited overseas

  1. brisbane, qld australia ( i live here now)
  2. east coast of the USA (mostly on the amtrak train)
  3. seoul korea
  4. new territories hongkong(as a base)
  5. kuala lumpur malaysia

5 websites i visit frequently

  1. hello magazine

  2. 360

  3. national bank

  4. Courier Mail

  5. Baguio Midland Courier

5 favourite food

  1. oysters
  2. grapes
  3. steak (beef, lamb, pork)
  4. greek salad
  5. sinigang

5 drinks i enjoy

  1. buco juice
  2. pineapple
  3. guava
  4. margarita
  5. beer

5 places i'd rather be right now

  1. with my mom and sisters in baguio
  2. with my brother and family in petersville
  3. with my brother and family in florida and virginia
  4. with my brother and family in aurora hill
  5. with my auntie and sister and family in pangasinan
  6. in my bed at home reading a goss magazine or a book (i just have to add this)

5songs i like listening to

  1. you're just too good to be true
  2. sway
  3. kokomo
  4. beautiful
  5. something stupid

that's all folks- please tag yourselves...have a great weekend