Monday, May 07, 2007

Being Busy

Since I attended the Orientation of Ray's (my 17 year old son) school, something really struck me more than anything. His school is an all- boy's school. According to the Activities Dean,- they try to get each and every boy into one or more activities because they believe that 'A BUSY BOY IS A HAPPY BOY'
that's so very true and I could also apply it to myself. I keep myself so busy- joining the house-mothers circle in Ray's school house (a ' house' in a school is like a class section), being the boss of the Social Club at work with nearly 100 members keep me busy even during my lunch hour. I can't say exactly that I'm happy because I got thrown into this role- the leader transferred to another section and I was just next in line. But hey....i've turned it around and it's thriving more than when it was with someone. Plus i do get the credits for all my efforts unlike before when my ideas were simply ignored. Now- i could see some of my ideas being put into action. So I guess, I'm happy.
At home I keep busy with the non-ending housework, cooking, grocery but i also bought 2 beautiful photo albums... i plan to update my albums with our travel photos and also start on a scrapbook.
A busy MUM is a happy BUM oooops...Mum....have a great week ahead of you