Friday, November 09, 2007

When David and I went to the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one hour and a half driving from home. Since we prefer it to be stress-free from driving, we decided to park the car in Sandgate Station and take the train instead. The train passes through the city of Brisbane (the capital of the state of Queensland). We decided to stop over and get on the next train to be able to visit Brisbane and the vicinity. Brissie (nickname of Brisbane) has nice buildings such as this-
When I used to work in Brissie (I've transferred base to the suburbia) I go through this old building which is actually the Post Office. Inside the building is a news agent (sells stationery, books, newspapers and magazines) the toilets, phone booths and mailboxes. Through the building is the catholic church called St Stephens (will be featured next time)

From Brissie we finally took the train to the Gold Coast (GC) and of course our first stop is the beautiful beach called the Surfer's Paradise-and it is just what it's called. The solitary seagull- a very friendly bird always waiting for the left over food.
Australia has very very blue skies. While David enjoys a sit by the boardwalk in the beach, I enjoy looking at various architectures such as this French Riviera building below.
Time to rest from lots of walking and below you can see Woolworths on the background- it's a grocery/supermarket with branches in most suburbs and a place we frequent to get our grocery needs.
After some food and a rest we proceeded to walk to the casino. A visit to the GC is not complete without going through the casino either for food, to gamble or just hang around the foyer.

The one and only casino in the GC is called Conrad Jupiters and it is part of the Hilton Group. We picked up a bit of money so we went across the road because it happens to be the biggest shopping complex in the GC- The Pacific Fair!

David's worn out shoes need a replacement- he is deciding between the black and the brow boots...there was a big sale so it's a great shopping time.

He decided on the brown!
I did my bit- some shirts for the folks back in the Phils

Thank God the kids were are school so we didn't have to go inside this shop!

On the way home, we took the bus that will take us to the train station to head back home.

Goodbye GC for now..while on the bus I contemplate about the outing and what to cook for tea as soon as we get home...
it was a relaxing day, away from home on a recreational leave from our hectic work schedules.