Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This year's christmas tree and decorations

I believe that Christmas is for children. Since Vivian was born in December, to entertain her as a child, we played Christmas carols, put up the christmas tree, wrapped up gifts- made up or real to put under the christmas tree, decorate - in short- we really get into the christmas spirit. In the past it was solely my responsibility to get those adornments up. For the past years, the kids were enthusiastic to help but it turned into a messy chaos. Now with 3 of us, the men of the house assembled the tree, helped me hang the decors then added the lights. David loves to have some fancy lights and to lace the tree with a lot of baubles. He bought and installed a multi-colored blinking light that's really nice. Too bad I can't catch it on camera.
Anyway, here are some photos- more photos are present on the album. The album that I mentioned there is actually in Multiply as my blogs there cross here- isn't that convenient?