Sunday, December 02, 2007

'tis the season to be jolly...and december photos of last year...

My work's christmas spread
my favourite fruit and vegetable shopt- near my office building
We were in Melbourne last year, visiting and this is at their city hall
At David's work's Christmas party venue last year 4XXXX is a brand of beer here in Ausralia and the venue was called Breakfast Creek
Part of last year's christmas decorations at home..

It was indeed a very busy week, end of the month work load, hosting our department's christmas buffet lunch at the Clubhouse and cooking vivian's favourite lunch and of course the usual weekend chores and additional christmas stuff like shopping for cards/gifts- posting or delivering them in time- planning for christmas parties and dinners...thank God Viv's lunch here is now out of the way, one more xmas party to host and a couple to attend to plus preparations for trip to the Phils/Singapore towards the end of the month. Thank God passport of the hubby and tickets are here...just have to look for a hotel in singapore and some touristy activities to entertain us while there..these can wait...

These are just my ramblings this sunday morning...must get ready soon to attend the sunday service.. photos featured here were of last year's december shots - need to download the latest ones yet- will feature in future blogs.

For the meantime, here are some old photos (1-2 years old but has not been posted)

I wonder what your activities are for the christmas....