Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eventful Meetings with Dedel, Melisa and daughters Cassie and Alex and Manang PI and Ma.Len

I love staying at the Manila Hotel while in the Philippines mainly because of its historical background. It was the place where Douglas MacArthur stayed with his family until the Japanese got the better of him.... it's been the site of a lot of other events which are all archived in its own museum..

But anyway it also created a historical and momentous event for me because it's the place where I met Dedel, Melisa (my 'ading'- little sis) and Manang PI. More photos can be viewed here

Special mention goes to my friend from Bicol, Ma.len whom I had the chance to speak with at length. To my surprise and excitement she sent me a whole lot of goodies from Bicol. Photos are located here !

Words cannot express enough my appreciation and excitement in connecting with them in person and on the phone!