Thursday, March 13, 2008


My application for an annual leave for Mar 25 to 26 was initially declined. On the letter, it was stated that I could have it reviewed by the Asst Director through the intercession of our Team Leader. But I was in a quandary today as our Team Leader went on a 2 week's leave with an email saying that he needed more information despite the reason that I wrote in there.

I resent the email with more information to the acting Team Leader. He was sitting on it when an email from the Asst Dir popped. I saw it as an opportunity to re-negotiate my leaves. It was a call for volunteers to do the late shift which has a finish time of 6pm. I immediately emailed my Team Leader again stating that if my leaves were granted, I will do extra work for the period of 2 weeks, and I cc'd (carbon copy) the Asst Dir.

To my great surprise the Asst Dir sent me an email with a cc to my Team Leader, basically accepting my proposal. Not only that- she sent me a personal email commending me on my initiative and thanking me (even) for my offer of help at a time when was badly needed.

This situation affirms that a lot of things can be re-negotiated if one has the courage and take advantage of the opportunities available.

I know...I know...i still owe you some photos of our last will be coming soon.