Thursday, November 06, 2008


I've never been so interested in the US politics until this election because for the first time a non-white candidate was running for the top job.

Somehow in my formative years, growing up in a city in the Philippines which was the location of the R & R of the American nationals, better known as Camp John Hay in Baguio City, when "American' is uttered images of white caucasian, blue eyes, light brown or blonde hair is conjured up in my head and an American President is always a white guy. Now that had changed. At first because of colonial orientation where I still believe that 'whites' are sovereign, I thought that Obama did not have much of a chance.

As I was drawn to watching the news and hear him speak, I've never heard someone as eloquent as him with a rather masculine voice, one who can inspire, command, motivate and who had actually captivated me to listen to him talk. He was a person of substance.

It is indeed a landmark election for the USA presidency for electing the first black president. It is a significant event because it shows that people are more tolerant and looking beyond the physical colour of the skin in respecting/accepting people. Black or white, yellow or red, light brown, medium brown or dark brown has finally initiated to dismantle the barriers that inhibit harmony, peace and tolerance in this world that is moving towards globalisation. The intention to create change for the overall well being for all people of the world notwithstanding colour/race.

With the election of Senator Barack Obama I have realised that the world and America in particular is maturing towards how it should be, away from prejudices and acceptance that everyone can actually co-exist and it's now a far cry from the 'white supremacy' rule that had prevailed for awhile after World War II not only in the US but also in Australia with their "white policy' rule.

I admired John McCain too in being such a gracious loser who had urged his supporters to support the new President elect.

To both of them, Cheers and God Bless America and the World.

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