Sunday, November 09, 2008

remembrance day, veterans day, armistice day and my birthday

Everyone trying to remember trying to forget because i get older each year...but for good cheers...have a beer, or one of my favourite pineapple juice or some sparkling wine (you can have the lot too!)and cheers to all of us for good health! I will just serve you drinks and have a great tete a tete as I know that like me, everyone is watching what they eat....actually I don't have time to cook as my other half have taken away my kitchen from inside my house and relegated it downstairs in the garage as we are doing the long overdue renovation of the old part of the house (which is the dining/kitchen)
Love you all and hope that you have a great day/week.
I must post this now as I will be quite busy during the week as i work for the government that does not give us days off on our birthday...gee i wish my mortgage is all paid for so i can retire from work...that is my birthday i can spend more time in the blogworld with my beautiful friends.....LOL...i really mean it. xoxoxox and so i should also buy a lottery ticket as it seems the only chance for me to become a millionaire...God Bless you all! Don't forget to pause and remember those beloved heroes who fought for democracy on veterans day, remembrance day, armistice day and my birthday! LOL

Much love

Vicky Armi (born on armistice day)
Happy birthday too to my good friend Malen and KitKat..thanks Teena for reminding me..